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Wade House – Wheeling, West Virginia (November 8 – 12, 2021)

Seven volunteers, from Kentucky, Ohio, Wayne Miedzinski from St. John’s Parish, and Sr. Luke Boiarski, SCN, continue to respond to those in need, especially within our own country. This time, it was in support of Crittenton Services, Inc. This U.S.-wide organization establishes programs teaching life and parenting skills, as well as providing housing for pregnant teens who have not been living in a supportive environment, and in most cases suffered trauma in their lives. They also provide counseling and a supportive environment to these 16 – 21 year olds to find a healthy path forward in life.

Wayne, no stranger to volunteering with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Lay Mission Volunteer Program, shares that although he initially had hesitations about assisting, when he heard the Gospel about Jesus calling the disciples, he felt compelled to respond. What an example of living our Catholic Faith!

Wayne traveled to Wheeling, West Virginia to meet up with Sr. Luke and the remaining volunteers to work on renovating the Wade House. The group worked to remodel the house from a 3-bedroom house to a 5-bedroom house, allowing each young woman to have her own room during this important training and healing process. Located in a college town and framed by mountains, the Wade House provides beautiful vistas, but also a sheltered location for the girls. While the team was there, one of the local news channels did a story and interviewed some of the volunteers:

While there, Wayne and the volunteers tore out plasterboard, installed insulation in the attic, re-framed some of the walls and installed center support beams on the main floor. They also moved sheetrock up to the second floor for the next crew who would be continuing with the renovation. The house is an older one, as evidenced by the presence of push-button light switches in one of the rooms. The team immersed in the task and focused on the camaraderie and joy of knowing they were helping the young women in hopeless situations find hope.

Ever the volunteer, while visiting the Crittenton Services Administration Building, Wayne noticed some cracks in the concrete, allowing water into the basement and breaking down retaining walls. So he also put his masonry skills to use for a couple days and repaired the cracks and cleaned the French drain.

While every mission trip Wayne participates in is unique in their own way, Wayne found this one to be particularly special because he was able to celebrate his birthday while giving back to others. And in turn, received a priceless gift of his own because he will never forget this particular birthday, which was spent doing one of the things most important to him, responding to God’s call to discipleship and helping the less fortunate.


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