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Music Ministry

Music is an integral part of the celebration of the Mass; it has been since the very earliest days of the Church. Even today, seldom as it may be realized, the ideal is a fully sung Mass, in which all of the prayers, readings, verses, and responses are chanted or sung. Skillful singing glorifies God; dignifies the Mass in a way that cannot be reproduced by any other means; and renders the prayers and readings more memorable and moving. Catholics with musical knowledge, musicianship, and singing ability have a certain obligation to use these skills and talents for the greater glory of God and the edification of their brothers and sisters. At St. John's, we offer many venues for the exercise of these skills and talents.

Youth Choir

This choir is designed for parish singers aged 7-18. Singers gain experience with different styles of sacred music and receive vocal training as they learn to glorify God through singing the Mass. Please contact Jonathan Hellerman at for more information.

9am Mass Choir

The 9am Mass Choir sings Mass utilizing various traditional styles, including plainsong, sacred polyphony, and traditional hymnody. We practice from 7pm-8:30pm on Wednesday evenings in the choir loft and warm up before Mass starting at 8:15am. If you are interested in joining, please contact Jonathan Hellerman at Ability to read music is helpful but not necessary; only a humble heart of service and a good ear are needed.


Cantors sing the Responsorial Psalm and support congregational singing at the 5pm Saturday Vigil Mass, at 11:30am Sunday Mass, and as needed on holy days and at other times. Musicians with good solo singing ability are invited to apply to be cantors at St. John's. For more information, please contact Jonathan Hellerman at

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