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Repairs at the Crow Indian Reservation - Pryor, MT (June 8 - 14, 2014)

Dan traveled to the Crow Indian Reservation in Pryor, MT, to assist three SCNs in several needed repairs in this beautiful part of the country. Two SCNs of Fort Leavenworth reside on the Crow Reservation.

The volunteer team stayed at the St. Charles Mission School, where the SCNs provided accommodations and meals. It is not far from Chief Penny Coups' State Park.

In one house, the flooring in the bathroom and the kitchen needed repair and/or replacing. A new commode was put in and tile flooring was installed in both areas. Time was taken even to fix the boys' basketball hoop, much to their delight!

Another family needed assistance to make the home more accessible. They had a child in a wheelchair and needed larger doors installed to allow access to the bedroom and bathroom. The team accomplished all the repairs and the families were so overjoyed with gratitude.

The team also assisted the priest and sisters from Leavenworth with the planting of their garden.

As on every mission, there was time for prayer. The church on the Crow Indian Reservation is built in the shape of a teepee. The priest is a linguist who had written a Crow/English dictionary. The Mass was celebrated in a mixture of Crow and English languages.

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