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Our First Mission to Belize - St. John's Hollywood House (January 19 - 26, 2014)

The first Belize mission team from St. John's Parish embarked on January 19, 2014, to build the St. John's Hollywood House for a young mother, Delvorine, and her two boys. It was such an exciting and rewarding experience!

The team of thirteen traveled to Nazareth, KY, for orientation and a commissioning ceremony. Then they were off to Belize the following day. The team worked very hard and built the 16' x 16' home. It was a small, humble shelter that Delvorine was so honored to have. However, the honor was truly ours, as this was the beginning of our world-wide mission ministry.

Each day of the mission started and ended with prayer and thanksgiving for the opportunity to help others. The house was built in four days with a prayer blessing on the fifth day. The volunteers collected building supplies daily for the day's work. The walls were built on the ground and then raised by the team. The pictures in the gallery show the progress of the build from the beginning.

It was a busy and emotional week, but the rewards and experience of serving Jesus in this way were a true gift to the team. They formed a strong bond and unending exchange of prayer with the family which will be cherished forever.

In addition to building, the team also visited the HIHM Outreach Center to learn about their services to the needy. The trip truly ignited our desire to serve the poor!

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