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Crow Indian Reservation Repairs – Pryor, Montana (September 3 - 10, 2019).

Twelve volunteers, including four parishioners from St. John’s Parish, and three SCNs, set out for Big Sky country at the Crow Reservation in Montana for fellowship, spirituality, history, and acts of service.

Volunteers were hosted at Larry Falls Down’s ranch, the Diamond Hanging Seven, and they stayed in cabins or cottages for most of the trip.

While there, the volunteers applied two coats of stain to Chief Plenty Coups’ square house and store. The stain was comprised of boiled linseed oil, paraffin and turpentine. The entire group also primed, painted two coats and repaired the loose fascia around the house of Joanne and Maureen Rocks Above. The homeowner’s family has endured severe tragedy of late, and was in need of the volunteers’ help. Lastly, some of the volunteers installed flooring for a gentleman who suffered a stroke 5 years ago.

In addition to their volunteerism, the team participated in daily devotional time, which included readings, prayers, and songs. Rob, a member of St. John’s, brought his guitar and led the group. They also learned about the heritage and culture of the Crows and discussed their spirituality, as displayed through their rituals. They visited the historical site of the Battle at Little Big Horn. They also enjoyed sites in the Beartooth Pass on the All American Road.

The volunteers were invited, and enjoyed lunch, at the Crow Reservation Senior Center. And always mindful to celebrate life, the volunteers celebrated Sr. Luke's birthday on the trip. Bernadette Smith, an elder in the Crow tribe, provided the delicious beef roast for the party. All-in-all, it was a trip that the volunteers were grateful to have an opportunity to participate in and a memorable experience.

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