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Pastoral Advisory Council

Have you ever wondered why some things are done a certain way here at St. John’s? Have you ever had an idea of how to improve something in the parish or the school, but you weren’t quite sure whom to approach? Have you ever wished we could do more as a community?

Well, we are here to help. We are your St. John Francis Regis Parish Pastoral Advisory Council (PAC). We are your neighbors sitting in the pews with you every weekend. We are involved in a wide variety of ministries in our parish. We come from all seasons of life. We represent you, and we want to help Fr. Ray help us all.


The current council has been able to advise Father Ray in matters big and small. Among other projects, the time for the Saturday Vigil Mass was changed by your vote and consent; a ministry fair offered parishioners new avenues for involvement; the meeting rooms in the Msgr. Harris Center were renamed after favorite saints by your vote and consent; and a set of new, beautiful Nativity figures was purchased. We have much more in the works, and we encourage and invite your suggestions.


Please feel free to contact anyone on the council with any comments or even complaints about your parish. We are always willing to listen.


PAC meets 6-8 times per year, usually on a Wednesday evening at 7pm.

Click here to download a copy of the PAC bylaws. For a copy of an older set of meeting minutes, please contact the President at

Pastoral Advisory Council Current Members


Rev. Raymond Schmidt, Pastor

Rev. Ryan Braam, Parochial Vicar

Jim Conway, President

Warren Maloney

Dottie Simeona

Rich Olon

Susan McDonough

Kellie Daniel

Elisa Sweeney

Anthony Bouchard

Cheryl Filloramo

Timothy Tuschinski

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