Women's Ministry

Female parishioners are welcome to attend bimonthly meetings of our women's ministry group, FIAT: Daughters of St. Regis. Meetings are centered around prayer, fellowship, and faith formation. These meetings are on Tuesdays at 7pm at the homes of participants. Meetings are optional, and there is no need to attend every meeting in order to be a member of FIAT. Please contact Mariam Tavarez at (760) 715-9902 or tavarez5@att.net if you would like to receive a periodic email or text reminder of meeting dates and times. Moms are more than welcome to bring teen daughters and/or nursing infants along to meetings.

Please click here to visit FIAT's website!

Mornings/Evenings of Reflection for women occur a few times per year and feature Mass, light breakfast or snacks, talks and spiritual reflections, opportunity for confession, Eucharistic Adoration, and time for quiet prayer. They typically last from 8am until 11am or from 6:30pm until 8:30pm. Mothers are welcome to keep nursing infants with them throughout the event, and childcare, if requested, is provided for older children by St. John's Summer Camp counselors, youth group members, and St. John's School 8th graders. There is no cost for the Days of Reflection, but we do accept donations to defray the cost of the breakfast/snacks and to provide a small stipend to the visiting priests who hear confessions. If there is money left over, it is donated to the St. John's Charitable Society.

Our next Women's Evening of Reflection is TBA.