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Women's Ministry

Female members of St. John’s: please join us every Tuesday evening as the ladies of Fiat come together to provide a place of spiritual learning, fortified by the strong Catholic female fellowship that surrounds us.  Every year, Fiat hosts a different theme or bible study to help women, with all our unique gifts and talents, to learn more about our faith and to form supportive Catholic friendships.


This year’s theme is the rosary, guided by the Take Up and Read Study: Ponder (click to buy the book).  Each week we connect our thoughts and prayers with the word of scripture, allowing it to illuminate our lives and help provide Catholic perspective. 


These meetings are every Tuesday from 7:00-8:30pm in the Monsignor Harris Center at St. John’s.  This time is centered around prayer, fellowship and faith formation.  All meetings are stand alone: come to one, come to all of them! Please know you are welcome and wanted at these meetings! As we ladies dig into scripture, we learn about Jesus, we imitate His actions and we write His words on our hearts.  Please help us hold His words dear to us and let them transform your daily lives.


Please contact Mariam Tavarez at (760) 715-9902 or if you would like to receive a periodic email or text reminder of meeting dates and times.

​Fiat!, along with our brothers the Knights of Columbus, support the church in various service opportunities: food drives, offerings for the poor, and supporting parish events and functions.  We also support the RCIA program. 


Fiat is also a proud sponsor of Women’s Night of Adoration and Fellowship the first Wednesday of every month.  From 7:30-9:00, we invite women of all walks of life to spend some time alone with our Lord, as well as come together after in friendship.  


Please contact Abi Tyson for more information regarding Women’s Night of Adoration and Fellowship @

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