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Videos on Vocations


Our primary vocation in life is holiness.  Our secondary vocation has been chosen by God to be discerned by us and then, through free will, either accepted or rejected.  For men, those secondary vocations are married life, priesthood, religious life and, possibly, single life.  For women those secondary vocations are married life, religious life and, possibly, single life. Beginning at a very early age, we should pray to discern our vocation and to then have the grace and strength to embrace it.  This will be one of the greatest decisions of our life.

Primary Vocation - Holiness


The Catholic Church Strikes back - Fr. John Hollowell (5:57) 


Dynamic Catholic Decision Point - Session 12 (best viewed in order)

12: Intro - Perseverance (3:35)

12: 1 - The Holy Movement (6:30)

12: 2 - Everything is an Opportunity (6:40)

12: 3 - Your Yes Can Change the World (10:00)



Secondary Vocation - Marriage, Priesthood, Religious Life & Single Life


The Game of Life - VCAT by Outside da Box (4:28)  


Considering Catholic Vocations (2:21)  


Chris Padgett Talks About Marriage - VCAT by Outside da Box (6:13)


Fishers of Men: Catholic Priesthood (18:21)


Call Waiting - VCAT by Outside da Box (7:28)


Catholic Sisters in their own words (5:52)


FAITH: Video - Vocations Series Two - Religious Sisters of Mercy (5:46) 


Do You Wanna Be a Sister? (2:51)


Sr. Alicia Torres: Being Pro-Life - VCAT by Outside da Box and Spirit Juice Studios (4:16)


Lean on Me - Dominican Friars in DC (3:46) 


Light of Love Trailer (2:25)


Single Life: The Universal Call to Holiness (9:46)


Thank God I'm Single - Lino Rulli (4:44)

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