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The campaign organizes groups of no more than 10 people who commit for one year to welcoming the enshrined image of Our Lady of Schoenstatt into their homes. As the image travels from home to home over the course of each month, the Rosary is prayed daily whereever the image is currently being kept. Why do this? Because Mary wants to make our homes into holy places. When Mary visited Elizabeth's house, her visit filled the atmosphere with the praises of God, prompted joy, inspired prophecy, and prepared the way for a miraculous cure. (cf. Luke 1:39-80) Are you ready to offer her shelter on her journey to love?

Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign


The Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign of the Pilgrim Mother is a traveling ministry that St. John's Parish began participating in under the direction of Deacon Ammon Ripple in February 2013.


"It is not only something devotional, nor only something strategic or pastoral, rather it is a stream of graces and of life at the service of the new evangelization and transformation of families. The Campaign was born May 31, 1949 in Santa Maria, Brazil. The Campaign is a new Visitation from Mary for our times. Mary is on the way in haste: 'Mary came forth and went hurriedly.' It has the specific aim of evangelizing families. In this way, it has to do with actualizing three Biblical scenes: The Cross where St. John receives Mary as Mother and takes her into his home; the Visitation... Mary also visits the homes today; the Feast of Pentecost... because united in prayer with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Christians await the power from the Spirit to be apostles in the world. Mary is 'the great missionary, and she will work miracles' (St. Vincent Pallotti) in transforming and committing her children to the Gospel of Jesus." (from the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement website)

Today, the campaign is present in some 110 countries throughout the world, taking the graces from the Shrine to several million persons.


The founder, Fr. Joseph Kentenich, was a Palottine priest ordained in 1910. He was assigned as spiritual director to a minor seminary in 1912 and here began the Schoenstatt movement for seminarians to develop a close relationship with the Blessed Mother. This quickly developed into a movement for laity, to develop firm, free, priestly personalities among ordinary lay people. To find out more about Fr. Kentenich, click here.


Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign website


Schoenstatt Prayers


Video about Schoenstatt Spirituality

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