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Videos on the Sacraments


If you are looking for videos on the Eucharist, please click here.


The Seven Sacraments


The Seven Sacraments - Outside da Box (2:37)


What is a Sacrament - Chosen (6:41)





Sacraments 101: Baptism (Why We Baptize) - Busted Halo (6:28)


Initiation - VCAT by Outside da Box (3:46)


Holy Water - VCAT by Outside da Box (3:56)

Baptism Explained - Sophia Institute for Teachers (7:17)

Stop Being a Chicken: Bishop Barron on the Realities of Baptism - Bishop Robert Barron (8:51)

Baptism - Catholic Central (7:26)

Why Be Catholic and Not Just Christian? - Fr. Mike Schmitz, Ascension Presents (8:58)





Confession 101: What it is & how to do it (even if it's been a long time) pt. 1 - Busted Halo (2:43)


Confession 101: What it is & how to do it (even if it's been a long time) pt. 2 - Busted Halo (6:22)


How Do I Go to Confession? - VCAT by Outside da Box (4:28)


Sacraments 101: Penance (Why We Confess) - Busted Halo (5:09)


Sacrament of Reconciliation: Explained (6:06)


Forgiveness of Sins - VCAT by Outside da Box (4:09)


Confession - Four Reasons to Go (2:21)

Reconciliation | Catholic Central -(6:51)


The Power of Confession - Chosen by Fr. Mike Schmitz (7:59)

Making a Good Confession - Fr. Mike Schmitz (7:10)

Confession is a Place of Victory - Fr. Mike Schmitz (8:01)

Confession - Sophia Sketchpad (7:54)





Because the Eucharist is so important, we have a whole page dedicated to videos about this sacrament.  To see those videos, please click here.





Sacraments 101: Confirmation (Why We Are Confirmed) - Busted Halo (5:57)


Confirmation: It's NOT Graduation - VCAT by Outside da Box (2:59)


Pentecost in 2 minutes by Busted Halo (2:18)


Confirmation - Sophia Sketchpad (5:51)





Sacraments 101: Matrimony (Why Make It Catholic?) - Busted Halo (7:36)


Sacraments 201: Matrimony (More Questions Answered) - Busted Halo (7:08)


Chris Padgett Talks About Marriage - VCAT by Outside da Box (6:13)


Why marriage between one man and one woman? - Catholic FAQ (2:34)


Why does the Church discriminate against Gays? - Chris Stefanick (3:47)


Marriage - Sophia Sketchpad (6:34)



Holy Orders


Sacraments 101: Holy Orders (What Ordination Means) - Busted Halo (7:59)


Why does the Church still ordain only men? - Catholic FAQ #5 (2:49)


Fishers of Men: Catholic Priesthood (18:21)



Anointing of the Sick


Sacraments 101: Anointing of the Sick (Who It's For) - Busted Halo (6:28)


Suffering & Glorified - VCAT by Outside da Box (6:19)

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