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Videos on Prayer, Devotions, and Indulgences

We Adore - Outside da Box (3:25)


The Creed - Outside da Box (2:56)


When I Read the Bible - Outside da Box (2:23)


Advent in Two Minutes - Busted Halo (2:11)


Ash Wednesday and Lent in Two Minutes - Busted Halo (2:21)


Holy Week in Two Minutes - Busted Halo (2:30)


Four People I Feel Sorry for During Christmas - Blimey Cow* (3:29)


"Making Time" for God - Blimey Cow* (4:33)


My Spiritual High is Higher Than Yours - Blimey Cow* (5:06)

*Blimey Cow's videos often use sarcasm to get across a serious point about Christianity. If you want to use their videos as a catechetical tool, you may need to explain this to your students!

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