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Election 2016

On November 8, US citizens will head to the polls for the 2016 general election. As in any election, much is at stake, and our Church's teaching urges us to prepare carefully in advance so that we will be able to make informed choices reflective of our Catholic faith and the natural law as we cast our ballots. This is a serious responsibility and should not be approached lightly. As the US Bishops remind us in their letter Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, "Responsible citizenship is a virtue, and participation in political life is a moral obligation."

Of course, voting in elections is neither the only, nor even the most important, way of participating in political life. Attending public meetings of your city council, county commissioners, or other governing bodies, participating in town halls, writing to your elected officials to inform them of your views, and other types of participation have a great impact, so we should make time to engage in these activities at least occasionally. But voting is nonetheless essential.

Below, we offer some useful links and downloads to help you prepare to vote in this year's general election. May God bless us all and grant stability, peace, and prosperity to our beloved country.


Learn about Maryland voter registration (State of Maryland official website)


The Archdiocese of Washington's "Faithful Citizenship" page - Access useful links and explore a side-by-side comparison of the policy positions of candidates in Maryland congressional races.

US Conference of Catholic Bishops "Faithful Citizenship" page

Maryland Catholic Conference - Learn about the Maryland state government, stay informed on the issues that matter to you, receive up-to-date alerts on proposed legislation, and find out how you can take action and make your voice heard.

Catholic Answers: Answering Election Year Canards - Want a simple explanation of the proper relationship between Church and state and the Catholic teaching on being a good citizen? Look no further than this helpful article from Catholic Answers.

This helpful chart was published by Our Sunday Visitor and can be found on their website here. We post it for informational purposes and do not intend thereby an endorsement of any candidate or candidates.

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